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Restaurant Trends You Need to Know Featuring Mindy Fair

Back this week with my learning partner, Mindy Fair. Mindy has been in the restaurant management industry and has graciously given me the gift of her time.

She is extensively involved in the hospitality community in Nelson BC.

She is currently managing a restaurant group that extends from multiple locations across Nelson to Kelowna BC. She was able to point out that with the restaurant industry, the only consistent common denominator is that it is constantly evolving, changing, and learning.

Especially with COVID in full effect with Bonnie Henry’s new restrictions, Mindy voiced how adaptable the restaurant industry had to accelerate a path forward. For these adjustments to be implemented the solution was the power of technology. Streamlining all communication was the key to success within the hospitality industry. Standardizing things to cultivate a community to stay connected is crucial in our era where everything is online. Technology streamlining has helped speed up operations and helped the staff from various locations to be on the same page making it easier to access information.

The second trend she mentioned was the evolution in the power of creative marketing. Her chefs in different locations have been engulfed in this creative space where they are finding ways to create a harmonious marriage between art and food. You eat with your eyes and phone first then your belly. It is vital for a business to effectively utilize online advertising, social media, blogs, and online purchasing to help convenience their customers, especially when your competitors are doing the same thing. People crave picture-perfect moments. That’s what grows the restaurant’s profit margin.

“You cannot go to a regular diner anymore. You gravitate towards what’s new and hip! Rather than a normal cheeseburger, you want a charcoal-colored burger bun that is visually pleasing.” -Mindy Fair

We started talking about trends in adult education especially in e-learning. Mindy mentioned online learning and how she found self-directed learning was much more beneficial for the learner. The self-directed approach embraces students as a basic part of taking responsibility for their schooling. This increases student engagement that coincides with greater liability to recall their learned material.

What I took away from this meet-up was that there were so many correlations with both our industries. Whether it's hospitality to essential skills during these uncertain times, we've discovered one thing to be sure which is the requirement for organizations across each industry to rethink how they function. Please give Mindy some love on her blog, click here!

What are some technology trends in your industry getting us through the pandemic?

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